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Rolled Gauze

With pillow-soft cushioning for extra comfort, this absorptive, soft padding provides freedom of movement while remaining securely wrapped.

Non-Stick Pads

Clinically proven not to stick to wounds, these extra-thick pads offer QUICK-LOC® technology with an anti-leak core to instantly absorb fluid and pull it away from wounds.

Gauze Pads

Protect and keep wounds clean with pillow-soft gauze pads. Designed with QUILTVENT® technology, these gauze pads wick away fluid to keep wounds clean and have eight double-thick layers of cushioning for extra comfort.

Advanced Healing pads

Keep your wounds protected with these super durable and water-proof Advanced Healing pads. Made with MOISTURE SEAL® technology, these pads help form a gel cushion over the wound that minimizes pain. They also work to minimize scarring and promote faster healing.